Thursday, 13 April 2017

Beeromatherapy: the science of hop aroma

We run the homebrew club at We Brought Beer and back in February we gave a presentation called Hoptimisation - The Science and Process of Hop Aroma. I was pleased to build on my existing knowledge of hops and learn more about why some of those hop aromas seem strangely familiar. In fact I found it so fascinating I thought I'd share my enthusiasm for it here.

Monday, 13 February 2017

LOL sexism in beer

I've tried to resist devoting any more of my time to writing about sexism in beer, partly because I don’t believe it is going to change any minds and partly because I'm bored of the subject. However, there have been some unpleasant and disturbing opinions aired recently which I don’t feel like simply ignoring.

Now, I know that often the people saying these horrible things are looking for a reaction. In some cases that actually seems like the main point for them - rather than having very strong feelings on the subject itself. On the whole I try to avoid rewarding attention seekers but it would be difficult to write this without referencing the sources.